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Good Things Lately..

30 October 2013

We spent a lovely weekend away on the south coast a few weekends ago. As you can see Mollymook beach was a little choppy (in fact we lost Wilfred’s favourite frisbee in that there surf…can’t you tell from the look of disappointment on the boys faces?), but it was lovely at Callala Bay where our holiday house is.


We ate delicious burgers at Pilgrims in Milton, always a highlight. I do live for an amazing veggie burger, and this is close to the best!pilgrims

It was so nice having a weekend away with boys, Wilfred was so happy to be at the beach everyday.


I got some very good news that I’ll be having another stall at The Finders Keepers in December with Kirbee Lawler. Lots of bunnies, as always.


I then quickly got onto making cute new things! These tiny little Storybook Brooches have been quite the hit over on etsy. Each little book locket contains a tiny printed concertina of my characters. Fun huh?


And inspired by Lyndsay’s forever wanting of her very own pug, I drew this little cutie (a pug in a pom pom scarf) and popped him on some tiny heart brooches.


I’ve also been making some tiny little peg sets for my market stall, as well as loads of plates as always.


And speaking of cute things, how great is this puppy brooch I got on etsy recently? His little eyes move side to side when you push the little tail on his bow!


I garage sale hunted on the weekend with Kirbee and found these adorable brooches too! I’ve wanted some of these floral enamel brooches for ages, and was so excited finding some at a garage sale. Happy days!


And as mentioned earlier, in my endless search for the best veggie burger, I was overwhelmed with happiness when Lashings opened around the corner! I got the usual veggie burger but the winner of the night was the felafel burger that Trev got.


And lastly Juno, as always, has been digging herself an elaborate tunnel system. She has dug under the patio, under the fence and several holes in our garden. It’s fascinating to watch her fill the tunnels back in too, though not before she hops around the front yard and says hello to the neighbours. Kx




One thought on “Good Things Lately..

  1. Alice says:

    What creative items, neat brooches, yummy food, and adorable pets!

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