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The Best Birthday

25 May 2010

This year was probably the best birthday I’ve had for a very long time, probably since I was really little and birthdays were always so exciting. But this year I was completely spoilt by everyone I love and I feel so grateful to have so many people who know me so well and buy me amazing gifts like these:

Lynds and I found these vintage chalkware deers in a cute little vintage shop in Summer Hill the week before my birthday. I love them and when I have a proper garden I’m going to start a real collection of garden ornaments. The owl lamp was given to me by Christina and is by this great etsy seller called fruit fly pie. She also does these cool giant cupcake containers, which I bought for Lynds last christmas.


My friend Sugako bought me this amazing Karen Walker Necklace, which I had (not surprisingly) been eyeing off at Incu. I completely love it and the best thing about Karen Walker is that she has the same initials as me, so everything looks like its meant to be.


I got this great snowwhite print from my friend Ange. She bought it from this cute artist on etsy called The Poppy Tree.


I love this rabbit miniature tea set Lynds got for me so much, it’s soooo cute.

unakiThis is the belt I got from my parents, care of Unaki at The Finders Keepers market. It is so beautifully made! All the brass elements are hand cast and its all made in Australia. As well as this, the people behind Unaki were SO lovely and I’m so glad I own something special by them. They have a cute online store too.

jacketThis is the AMAZING leather jacket my boy Trev surprised me with. It’s possibly the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen and definately the prettiest thing I own. The leather is embroidered with a repeating heart pattern all over it (It’s called the “I adore you” Jacket, how cute s that!) and it’s the perfect red. Alannah Hill does some of the cutest fashion ever and I’m completely in love with her website (and stores!), it’s just a shame (but probably a good thing) she doesn’t have an online store.


On my birthday Trev and I went to Quay restaurant for lunch and we had this awesome dessert called a”Snow Egg”. It’s basically a ball of ice cream, meringe and toffee, coated in icing sugar on a bed of strawberry and guava granita. It was to die for! You can even watch a video of it being made here.


And speaking of great food, this book (from Lynds) is the worst thing to read when you’re hungry. It’s full of pastries, breads and awesome looking pies. We’re planning to slowly work our way through it on weekends. Kx

5 thoughts on “The Best Birthday

  1. MeAndBoo says:

    What awesome presents! I especially love the deers and owl. Your friends and family obviously know you well to pick out the perfect stuff.

  2. emma says:

    happy happy happy birthday!!
    so glad you had such a great day – and so many great pressies.
    that jacket is absolutely amazing.
    ahh i want everything you got – why is my birthday so far away?!

  3. kittynkitsch says:

    where, oh where did your friend find that mini bunny tea set! i want one! beyond cute x

  4. lyndsay says:

    The bunny tea set I picked up for the Sydney Miniatures fair when I went – it was the last one!! I also have a golliwog one which is so so cute!!!

  5. Clara Cupcakes says:

    Ohh that Alannah Hill jacket is to die for! I just love her stuff too. I might be working there come June *fingers crossed*

    I always have the best birthdays when I get really sweet presents from people who totally know who I am and what makes me happy. It’s the best feeling ever!

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