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10 things I hate about you, Money.

28 January 2010

Here are ten things I’m dreaming of owning if my funds permitted me to do so.


Obviously, a baby deer is out of the question, but this print, is not.


And neither is this one. Bunnies and swans, for goodness sake, what more could a girl ask for.



I’ve blogged about the amazing Mon Petit Fantome before, and these two prints in his etsy store make me feel all warm and fuzzy.


This vintage deer. Like a velveteen rabbit only cuter.


This original Caitlin Shearer painting. Love it.


This funny little felted rabbit.


This print is by Justin Richel and makes me want to bake.


As does this bunny tin!


And these little paper pinwheels you can buy from this super cool baking supply etsy store.


And finally this Marc Jacobs Birdy belt. Oh how I love you.

Ok, technically I think that’s eleven, but I couldn’t decide :) Kx

6 thoughts on “10 things I hate about you, Money.

  1. A Girl Called E says:

    those pinwheels are so fun!
    that felted rabbit is so sheepish and cheeky looking – i love it!

  2. kel says:

    I know, I LOVE the pinwheels, they are all handmade, and so ridiculously cheap, but US to AUS shipping is a killer! SIGH!

  3. Christina says:

    I saw that MJ belt yesterday in the Harajuku store! I thought of you straight away. I wasn’t sure if you would like the gold thread though?? Overall the MJ store was a little disappointing, the clothes were beautiful but the accessories were lacking. As you know i wanted a watch and they didn’t have the full selection, you would think that for flagship store they would have the full collection. Ive been looking for bunny things- especially baking- but can only find miffy things. x

  4. lyndsay says:

    I like Miffy things!! and yes the MJ store in London was shit – felt like a jumble sale – clothes were great of course but really $$$

  5. lyndsay says:

    And that felted rabbit looks like the Mark Ryden bunny!

  6. Bracelets says:

    Hi kell, Nice post! All the pictures look charming and attractive. An amazing post on your lovable things really sounds great. Thanks for the share! Keep posting!!

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