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Okunoshima : Bunny Island!

18 June 2014

I know a lot of you won’t have heard of Bunny Island, but of course, to someone like me (and also, someone like Kirbee) Bunny Island sounds like somewhere that would never actually exist. A Japanese island overrun by rabbits? Hundreds of them living free, off the land and generosity of tourists? No!

…Well…yes, actually there is such a place. And we went there!

I did some research before we went and sussed out the general area of where Okunoshima actually is. It’s within two hours of Hiroshima, which in the grand scheme of things didn’t seem all that far away on the map. We planned to either stay in Tokyo our entire trip and day trip it to Okunoshima, or stay in Kyoto for a few days and do the same. We opted for Kyoto as it was much closer than Tokyo and when I did my vague research Tokyo to Okunoshima seemed pretty undoable. I had also never been to Kyoto and was keen to see it anyway, so we decided to do that in the end.

Now I’m not going to lie, in reality Okunishima ISNT REALLY that close to Kyoto. I guess in a way where everything is SO FAR APART in Australia, it’s probably fairly close, but in a “I’m on holidays and don’t want to spend an entire day travelling” kind of way, yeah….it’s actually pretty distant. The annoying thing is I only really realised this the night before we planned to go, when I re-looked at the real time instructions of how to get there by train. The quoted time it would take kind of scared me, but in the end we woke up bright and early, japan rail passes in hand, hopped on a train and were on our way.

Just FYI we stayed at the Royal Park Hotel in Sanjo (which I highly recommend), which meant the path we took was as follows: Sanjo>Tofukuji>Kyoto>Fukuyama>Mihara>Tadanoumi (ferry)>Okunoshima (between Kyoto and Fukuyama we ended up taking two bullet trains because our passes wouldn’t cover the direct train.)

FOUR AND A HALF HOURS, four regular trains, two bullet trains and a ferry ride later, we were on the island, with a total of about two hours to actually spend there before we had to make the big trip home again.

Luckily we were greeted by lots of fluffy tails and friendly little faces.


There was certainly an abundance of adorable bunnies. There is NO doubt about that. These little ones were some of my favourites.



There were also cute little bunny signs everywhere and these cool devices with bunny ears made for listening to the ocean.


Just like Kyoto there were also shrines and a lot of traditional and original artefacts still there from the war days. The back story of the island and how the bunnies got there is that it was a secret island used during the war to test and produce poison gas (apparently using the poor rabbits as test specimens), and when the war was over they let the bunnies go and let them rule the island. Another theory is that school children visited the island and left the bunnies there to live.

I’m not sure how they really ended up there, but I am sure that the quoted 300 bunnies that live there are actually more like 30,000. They are EVERYWHERE! and though we didn’t have nearly enough time to explore, there were clearly huge burrows of bunny families hiding in the middle of the island undergrowth, which would make it nearly impossible to count them anyway.


The bunnies were all clustered around the one Hotel which exists on the island. This photo is taken on the steps of the hotel, which seemed to have hundreds of bunnies hiding in and around it. The hotel is the place where you buy your bunny food from too.


Another shot of the Hotel on the Island. It looked a little scary to me (though maybe it was the squat toilets that scared me most?).


Despite the fact I felt like the bunnies were all a little bit feral, Kirbee insisted on an ultimate bunny island photo with them crawling all over her. The joy on her face pretty much sums it all up! Totally worth it, of course.


The baby bunnies were my favourite thing on the island, and of course there were LOADS of them.


Most of the bunnies seemed to run in shades of caramel, grey and the occasional black or chocolate.



I had to give this little baby a squeeze, she was just too cute.


Even Trev got into the spirit of bunny island.


In reflection of our trip here, I probably wouldn’t go back to bunny island. I do feel like there were an awful lot of mangey looking buns who weren’t being looked after by anyone. I was a bit sad seeing the scrappy looking ears and the bunnies who’d obviously been fighting each other. There was also a lot of rabbits who had this weird sneezing thing happening, which made me think there might have been a bit of bunny flu or something going through the numbers of rabbits living there. I also couldn’t help but wonder to myself how they keep the numbers of rabbits down, but then I also thought sometimes its better not to think about such things and just enjoy the fact I got to see so many rabbits in one place! Bunny Island is certainly a once in a lifetime trip, it’s so incredibly cool and strange to see THAT MANY bunnies in every corner of a tiny island, all wanting to be friends and eat your bunny pellets. Kx




16 June 2014

We recently spent a long lovely week in Ireland, attending a wedding and travelling about the countryside. Though I was very much looking forward to seeing Ireland, I loved it more than I ever thought I would. We started our little trip in Dublin, after being delayed in Heathrow because of weather issues and losing a day at the very beginning of our trip! Thanks Heathrow.

We were delighted when we straight away found the cutest little cafe called Roasted Brown and stopped in for a very decent coffee and delicious turkish delight flavoured cake. (the cafe also happened to be right next to a vintage store…what are the odds?)



Dublin was cute and quirky and had all the usual suspects in terms of shopping. I indulged at Cath Kitson and we left the next morning for the wedding we were going to which was being held in the beautiful little town of Monaghan.


The ceremony was to be held in the Cathedral there, and boy was it pretty! We snuck in early for some photos before everyone arrived.



And most importantly, here is my outfit from the wedding. Green of course, because when in Ireland…


After a quick, hilarious and lovely ceremony we all drove to the Castle Leslie for the reception. It was one of the loveliest places I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying at. So picturesque and green, with it’s own lake and huge grounds to wander around!



The inside of the castle was rather amazing. So many original artworks and murals still lived on all the walls, with all the history of the Leslie family layed out in front of you in every room.

And the outside was just as lovely.


We stayed the night in the castle and drove on the next day. We headed for Belfast that night but to tell you the truth I wasn’t overly impressed with Belfast. Galway on the other hand….wow.


This photo was taken at 9:30pm, after dreary weather most of the day. It was a pretty special moment in a very gorgeous town. I loved Galway, and although it only had one vintage shop, it was a highlight for us.


We spent our last day or so driving toward County Clare and stopped off to see anything that took our fancy. Castle Dunguaire was very Game Of Thrones to say the least.


And the beautiful buildings in the neighbouring towns were also rather impressive. Pastel everywhere!


The roads seemed endless, and every corner turned up another amazing view, pretty seaside town or green rolling hills.


And there were so many cute alpacas! Trev did a huge sweeping turn off so I could stop and say hi to these ones.


One of our last stop offs were the Cliffs of Moher. I can’t believe how incredibly pretty they were, and despite being promised Puffins and not seeing even ONE, I was still so happy we stopped to take in this view, its one I’ll always remember.


Our last night was spent in Dublin where I did a quick whip around to all the vintage shops I could find. There were a few good ones like Harlequin, Lucy’s Lounge, Om Diva and Jenny Vander, but I ended up coming home with one very special dress which I feel is always worth the trip. Kx





Recent Vintage Finds

21 April 2014

I am lucky enough to have a fairly legitimate reason for constantly op-shopping. I always need to find new plates! But along the way my favourite finds are of the clothing or accessory variety. I love the challenge of packed racks of mostly 80’s knitwear, deep bins of scarves and belts and flicking through the mostly disappointing dresses to find just that one gem!

Last week I found THIS and it was a true HELL YES! moment. Original 50’s cotton bathers, in mint condition!


And these cute poodle hand towels, with the original tag on still. So sweet!


A few weeks ago I went to the Rock and Roll markets with Kirbee and scored this loot of pastel goodness. 40’s yellow cable cardigan, mint green wool bolero, vintage embroidered patches, beaded hanger and scarves galore! I also picked up the cute Alannah Hill socks and floral hair clip the same day.


And I also nabbed these cuties there! A vintage felt hat, red cardy and strawberry shirt (for $5!)!


This was a little selection I stumbled upon while doing my post run a few weeks ago. More scarves (can you ever have too many?) pretty scalloped plates, wool cardigans and lots of vintage bangles, which I’ve been collecting a lot of lately.


And these cute pink coordinated finds the week before, wool CD cardigan, puffin plate, belts and bangles!



And for reference here’s a photo I snapped of my bangles on a particularly boring and rainy day :)


And last but not least I found this adorable vintage chick plate, just before the easter long weekend. Hope you all had a lovely one! Kx

Daily Outfits

13 March 2014

Here’s a little of what I’ve been wearing lately.


Mixed pattern dress, Japanese socks, Swedish Hasbeens Clogs, O’clock Watch and Ena and Albert Necklace.


Pennant print Beatrix Dress, Sandgrens clogs, Fable Folk Bangle, Keep Resin bangle, crazy scotty dog brooch & braids.


Valentines day dress by revival, heart nails, swedish hasbeens clogs, vintage green cardy & enamel flower brooch.


Vintage square dance dress, japanese socks & sandals, maroon cardy, scotty brooch and Juno Bunny!


Coco repose dress, acid green wrap cardy, Scotty dog brooch, fable folk bangle with vintage bakelite bangles & vintage scarf.


Gingham Storybook Betsy Dress, red cardy, Emily green necklace, gingham socks and swedish clogs from Knulp. Kx


11 March 2014

So over this heat, but at least we’ll always have ice-cream…


Been hanging out with these two, watching them chase each other in the yard.


And obviously, have been loving looking after Ponyo occasionally. You got a little sumthin’ sumthin’ on your chin there…


I found sock heaven at Emily’s house.


I’ve been praying for the cold to hurry up so I can wear all my embroidered cardies!


Been eating delicious Sundaes at Doughbox Diner with various lovely ladies.


And lastly I’ve been working on some cute custom bunny bunting….


and bunny babushkas for lovely people! This set is one of my favourites. Kx


Gluten Free Vegan Peanut Butter Rice Crispy Bars!

6 February 2014

Heres a little recipe I adapted which makes the easiest, most delicious, vegan and gluten free rice crispy treats you’ll ever eat!



Baby Ponyo

4 February 2014

Lyndsay got a new little baby last week, her name is Ponyo and she’s quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.


Wilfy quite liked her too!!


And when she’s cold she becomes a pug burrito.


The face.


Wilfy was hoping we could keep her!


And (not so) secretly, so was I! Kx


A Very Sparkley New Year

17 January 2014

We had a lovely little new years eve playing with some sparklers and long exposure photos in our backyard with Kirbee. Here are some of my favourite photos we made.


Bunny girls!


Double love hearts.


Cute silhouette.


Man on fire!


Bunny girl in a dress!


hehe. never too many bunnies, right?




So much fun! hope you all had a lovely christmas/new years break! Here is to 2014 being another excellent year. Kx

Storybook Rabbit at Finders Keepers Sydney

5 December 2013

If you are around in Sydney this weekend and have time to get down to the finders keepers at ATP, The Storybook Rabbit will be having a small stall filled to the brim with goodies! I’ve been making SO MANY things over the last few weeks, most of them all new, bunny filled and crazy-cute.unicorn

I’ve been making cute tea sets with my characters on them. These ones I’ve held onto for a long time and have decided its time to part with them.


and these cute purses which have my characters back and front.

And I’ve been hand sewing these teeny bunny brooches (and some pugs too!) who will be up for adoption at the markets.buns

I’ve even named them all!


And how about some juno bunnies on your nails? Yes, they’re cute little nail decals!


And i’ll also have a few sets of hand painted babushka dolls, which all have their own personality!


and as always, I’ll have loads of plates too, with new characters and old favourites!plates

And just because its been a while since I’ve blogged, here’s some cute photos of my inspiration, the kids.

Juno smiling for parsely.


This is Wilfred’s “i want some more of your veggie burger” face.


Hope to see you all at the markets friday night and saturday, but if you can’t make it I’ll be having a big etsy update straight after on monday night! Kx



4 December 2013

We took an all too quick trip to Wellington a few weeks ago to see the sights and have a little break for Trev’s birthday.


We visited a long-time blog friend Georgia (of The Velvettes) who took us op-shopping around the outer Wellington areas.


Which is where I found these guys, who I donated to mums collection.


We took a few road trips around the coastal areas, admiring all the amazing winding roads, the mountains and the fields full of sheep!nz

or should I say DEER! I was a tad excited to spy these guys.


But probably not as excited as when we rummaged through great vintage shops like this one.


and this one…dresses and this one…


and then we met a giant albino kiwi! isn’t he the cutest?


But all too soon it was time to leave! I’m so glad we squeezed in our little trip to somewhere so close to Australia, yet so incredibly pretty, just like being somewhere in Europe! Kx